6 corners BBQ fest

Canta, danseaza, distreaza-te cu noi! Savureaza din peste 35 de sortimente de preparate culinare “stradale”, racoreste-te cu o bere rece si asculta muzica ta preferata!
Participa si tu la unul dintre cele mai populare festivaluri de vara din Chicago, SIX CORNERS BBQ FEST !!!
Vei avea ocazia sa intalnesti din nou formatia VOX MARIS care impreuna cu Roxana Iacob si Horatiu Ormindean aka H. Dean va ofera aproape 2 ore de muzica live cu melodii in prima auditie, cantece consacrate, duet muzical si Hip-Hop smooth violin.
Nu pierde ocazia unei zile pline de activitati distractive  si a unei seri de exceptie! Seara muzicala romaneasca, seara de rock romanesc la SIX Corners BBQ Fest !
Duminica 15 Iunie, 2014, ora 6:30pm, la istorica” SIX Corners Intersection” dintre Irving Park Road & Cicero Avenue, Chicago


Welcome to VoX Maris Band official site.

VoX Maris Band is about souls far away from home, who meet again and vibrate under the same sounds, melodies, and tunes. In their songs we find memories, long forgotten emotions, creating a nostalgic, yet happy feeling, to all who have left their homes for a better life.

The group was started in 2010 by Stefan Cristoltean and Dan Paduraru.
In 2011 three more members joined in: Dan Rizo, Adrian Nechiti, and later on Dan Matache, and that’s how they became ”VoX Maris Band”. In June 2013 Marcel Vinesar joined as well.

About Vox Maris band

VoX Maris Band is a Romanian rock band formed in United States. In the last three years, VoX Maris has thrilled and entertained thousands fans, appearing at the majority of Romanian Events and Festivals across the U.S. VoX Maris helps spread the meaning of  Romanian culture to fans all around the world.
Their songs are most memorable as they remind us of our roots and what we left behind; who we are and what we can give. Despite the cultural barrier, their songs offer a message of hope, love and unity.


VoX Maris is:

Dan Paduraru- Vocals

Stefan Cristoltean- Vocals, Guitar

Adrian Nechiti- Guitar, Vocals

Dan Rizo- Drums

Marcel Vinesar- Keys

Dan Matache- Bass